Proxility provides a wide range of professional services to international clients seeking access into the German financial market.  With its well-established network within the German finance and business sectors, as well as its team of experts, Proxility has the ability to effectively speed up the market entry process.  All client requirements are assessed individually, thereby allowing for tailor-made solutions.

Proxility’s strength rests on 4 major pillars:

  • Invaluable Network
  • Highly experienced partners
  • State-of-the art infrastructure
  • Cost effective and efficient execution of projects

The invaluable network, consisting of high-level contacts within the financial and business sectors, has been developed over a number of decades and serves as one of the principle pillars to Proxility’s service offering.  This existing and ever-growing network of contacts has been meticulously maintained since the early 90’s and provides the client with a tremendous advantage benefiting their German market entry.

The second pillar of strength is the highly experienced background of the two founding partners.  They have extensive expertise in finance and business, are multi-lingual and have an acute sense for providing effective solutions.

A state of the art infrastructure is the third pillar that enables Proxility to service and maintain the personalized communication and marketing needs of each client.

The fourth pillar is the ability Proxility has to develop and manage the cost effective and efficient execution of projects by utilizing innovative methods of implementation.  The client therefore benefits from extensive experience and existing network accumulated over the past number of years.