Proxility targets the international financial and business sectors seeking to establish a presence in Frankfurt, as well as in Germany as a whole.  These clients will be serviced with class-A connections allowing a speedy entry and representation of their specific products.

The inevitable consequences of Brexit will have a direct impact on financial networking needs in the near future.  By the time Brexit takes effect in 2019, a significant number of international banks will have opened or increased their physical presence in Frankfurt.  It is currently estimated that as many as 5.000 international bankers will move from London to Frankfurt within the next two years.  This brings with it a significant number of peripheral financial specialists and institutions in need of financial networking services.  Proxility is ideally positioned to provide extended networking services to clients that are aiming to increase their German market presence.

Furthermore, Proxility also provides networking services to the European and Asian markets, thereby connecting globally to institutional and qualified investors requiring non-regulatory financial services.

Based on the vast networking capabilities offered by Proxility, clients can instantly benefit from the expertise and direct market approach, thereby resulting in a tangible return.